Sunday, October 23, 2011

We'll Admit..... Qaddafi Surprised Us This Time

Libyan Strongman Goes Down Swinging... Kinda.

    While we don't always make predictions publicly, we basically try to look into our crystal ball, and forecast what is to come.  Now, some things are easier to predict than others:  Chances are, Jim Clyburn will vote 'no' on just about everything that comes through the House, the New York Islanders will lose more games than they win, and Lindsay Lohan will end up in rehab/community service at some point in any calendar year.  It's easy when you have consistent data to go on.  Picking the fate of a nutty dictator is tougher.... and we guessed wrong.

     Nope, we never saw Moammar Qaddafi ending up dead in the back of a pickup truck with a 'stray bullet' in his head after hiding in a sewer drain.  We kinda thought he'd end up in Switzerland, fighting extradition, and maybe ending up in The Hague, and eventually becoming a Fox News Middle East contributor.  But, he said he would fight to the death.... and he was more right than we were.

   Now, do we think for a second that Qaddafi suddenly got stuck in a firefight AFTER he was taken by rebel troops in his home town?  Uhh, not for a minute.  Yeah, he's there bleeding and scared with the camera on - then suddenly, he'd got a bullet in his head while being surrounded by a dozen people.... and the camera was off.  We believe they call it Street Justice.  Or vengeance - you decide.

    No, we aren't crying a single tear for Qaddafi, but he was interesting in the kooky Stupid Uncle kinda way.... And when the shit hit the fan, he seemed to have enough sense to read the tea leaves, and stay in power.  There is a bit of a void in the Nutty Dictator category now.  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?  Nah, too consistently stupid.   Bashir Assad?  BOOOOOOOring!  Kim Jung Il?  Even we can't pick on guys who had a stroke.  Ever see us pick on Kirk Douglas? Now you know why...

     Maybe we'll switch continents, and start busting Hugo Chavez's chops all over Venezuela.  Yeah, he had Cancer, but you recover from that often, with no mental side effects.  We're trying to be fair here... But, he'll have a hard time matching Qaddafi's bizarro charisma, and his kickass wardrobe.  There's always room in the closet though....


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earlcapps said...

Mike, he's a man of his word. Give him that much respect.

He said he'd die in Libya. That's what he did.

I just wish Obama would be decent enough to not try to steal the credit for a job well done by a Libyan lynch mob.

Let's hope what comes next is an improvement. In that region, regime change ain't always change for the better.