Saturday, October 29, 2011

No Sit-In's Needed ..

See, Americans Can Get Wall Street to Listen.... Without All the Public Urination and Lack of Bathing!

    They backed off.  We complained, and they listened.  Who? Bank of America.  What?  B of A's unpopular plan to start charging it's Debit Card customers a $5 a month service charge...  Power to the People!!

   Now, did they go to Bank of America's headquarters, to wrap the building with yellow police tape, and proclaim the place a crime scene?  Nope.  They just called B of A, told them it sucked, and they could expect them to use another bank.  That is their right.  It's Bank of America's right to overcharge, and lose all of it's business if it wants to.  They can also recognize the error, and not do it.

   We're wondering if anyone in those tents in Zucotti Park and other places around the country noticed that little tidbit of successful protest.  Ahh, but that is SOOOOOO boring!  They didn't make a single TV appearance. Plus, what would the Occupy Wall Street people do with all that leftover craypaper and markers???!!!


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