Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tim Tebow Becomes A Verb ??

More Proof It's Tim Tebow's World - And You're Just Living In It!

      No, we don't think 'Tebowing' (re: Praying on One Knee) will rival to 'Hickey' someone.  But, it does give an idea of the size of Tebowmania - at least when you're 1-0.  Granted, lots of players have been praying in the NFL for years.  Maybe it's because most of the players in the NFL are black, maybe not.  Somehow, they don't give the impression of a Crusader, with a Bible in one hand, and a football in the other, that Tebow does...

     We all love Tim Tebow, and we want him to succeed.  He's a great guy - almost too nice to be true.  Can he do in denver what he did in Gainesville?  Probably not.  Only if the defense can give up less than 14 points every game, will he win more than he loses.  Still, it's interesting to see people notice a guy praying on the field.  He and the Broncos are gonna need it....


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