Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lindsay Lohan: You're About Three Years Too Late

 Which Lindsay Would You Rather See In Playboy.... This One, Or This ?????

It's kind of ironic that it's Halloween week for this post, which is number 3200 by the way.. Because much like a pumpkin that as been left on the porch a week or two too long, Lindsay Lohan has decided to pose nude for Playboy....  By our count, it's way past due.  Those of your who follow our blog know that we always had a soft spot for redheads, but the expiration date for Lohan has long since passed.

Not to be overly harsh, but time has not been kind to Lindsay lately.  It almost looks like on eof those year by year mug shots of those people addicted to meth... Yeah, it looks THAT bad.  They can slap a coat of bondo on her face, and soften up the pics as much they can, but it will be sheer curiousity.  Let's hope she gets her act together, because it's pretty apparent that she's not quite there..

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Bobby said...

I think the "bad" picture is Jessica Simpson, not Lohan. Different color eyes and hair.