Sunday, October 30, 2011

Today's Founders Quote: Beginnings and Endings

"Of those men who have overturned the liberties of republics, the greatest number have begun their career by paying an obsequious court to the people, commencing demagogues and ending tyrants."

- Alexander Hamilton, 1787.

   In short, Hamilton is stating the old adage that absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Sounds like a nice case for term limits.  Think maybe if Congressmen and Senators KNEW they were leaving, they might do the right thing for the country, without worrying about being re-elected?  Then again, maybe not...  For some people, it begins and ends with 'Dear John' (shot in SC!) star Amanda Seyfried.  Then again, Carol has a huge crush on her co-star, Channing Tatum.  To each his/her own.


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