Sunday, October 30, 2011

SC6, Where Even Our Fantasy Football Players Are Studs!

      OK, maybe it should be 'Where Everyone Else Here Is a Stud'... One guy that fits that bill with us is New England Patriots Tight End (insert joke here), Rob Gronkowski.  Not only has he been a key saving grace for our Running Back-less Fantasy Football team, Crusty Lombardi, but he managed another check off the Bucket List: hang with a porn star.

   Yep, in a bit of a media coup, Gronko ended up in a private picture with Porn Star, Bibi Jones.  Both Jones and Gronkowski say nothing happened - too bad in our book. Gronkowski seems to be taking a lot of heat from tight-assed football fanatics, particularly in Massatooshits.  To us, they should lighten up.  Football geeks live and die football, nothing else.  Might we suggest, as Shatner said, that they get a life.  No harm, no foul. Now go out there, and get me some more fantasy points..... the ones that count!


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Bobby said... a bedroom, no shirt on him, and not much on her...sure, nothing happened. btw...that is me from the neck down 20 years ago!