Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Senate Democrats Must Be Really Stupid .....

Don't Try to Pass the Part of the Jobs Act That Will Pass, Harry.... No, Go For the Reason Why It Failed..

      Ever catch yourself yelling at the TV or radio when you hear news that makes you.... well, mad enough to yell in the first place?   As we all know, President Obama said 'take it or leave it' with his new American Jobs Act.... and the Senate left it.

     Ever willing (kinda) to pass whatever could pass, and help someone somewhere get a job or two, Obama said let's try it piece by piece.  You would think that the White House would sit down with Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, and go for the part/parts that would easily pass first, then go for other parts later.  To us, there was one piece that would pass in a second - The Payroll Tax cut.

     Well, there we are, listening to POTUS radio, and Reid (with or without guidance from Obama, we don't know) announced that they would instead be going for passing the bill for Aid to States.  Essentially, they would be again be sending money to the states to pay for teachers, cops and firefighters.  Basically people who are represented by unions and the NEA.  Who pays for it? About 300,000 upper income people - 75% of whom were listed as business owners.  So, they are taxing people who might/will hire on their own, but instead now will have to pay for state and local governments who can't balance a budget...

   Now, you can argue about the rightness/wrongness of the theory.  Our main point today is that you start with the most universally accepted part of the bill to get things started.  Reidtard must a damned idiot for going for the toughest part first.  You go for the one both sides can make good will with, then hope for the happiness to continue.  But no, he went the liberal payback route, and sought to repay his buddies first, even if everything else goes bad.

   Right now, we foresee a situation where not one of these sublet bills can pass if they try it in this order.  Maybe Reid will listen to the sense we're trying to make here, although we doubt he's a fan.  OK, maybe someone else will talk sense to the Senate Majority Weiner... Millions of Americans are hoping so...


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