Wednesday, February 15, 2012

As the Economy Goes, So Go the Polls....

Obama's Numbers Are Rising...... By THAT Much !

    Bad news for the GOP this week... The economy is seemingly going in the right direction - at just the wrong time!  No, we don't advocate working to ruin the economy in order to win an election, but the timing could be better for Republicans.  Do people in Washington DC work against the country for the sake of taking back the House, Senate or White House - or keep it? God, we hope not, but it wouldn't surprise us...

    Now, onto the latest.  As James Carville rightly said, 'It's the Economy, Stupid'... All else matters little to the American people when November comes around every four years.  Ask Bush 41... If the economy is in good shape, or moving in the right direction, voters very often will vote for the incumbent. If it's in the tank, enjoy that one term.  No, we are far from a full steam ahead recovery, but the employment numbers are progressing, and it's helping Barack Obama..

    A few months ago, any generic canididate was beating Obama, and even a couple real ones were leading by a point or two.. That was about 750,000 jobs ago. Now, Obama has a pretty clear lead over both Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney.  He led a poll this week over Santorum 48-42, and Romney a tick higher at 49-41... It's not going to be an easy climb back.

    Now, I can hear you already.. "What about the deficits, the spending, health care, the social issues?"  That gets all thrown out the window if people are working again. In short, voters don't care HOW they got there, as long as they're there - or getting there. In even happened a bit in 1984, when Ronald Reagan got re-elected with a 7.4% unemployment rate. It wasn't fully recovered, but it was a lot better than 1982.  Obama is still another 2 million jobs to get there, which is pretty doubtful, but it's going the right way. BTW, Reagan's 7.4% was only 1/10th of a point lower than Jimmy Carter had when he lost..

   Yeah, there's a long way til November, and lots can happen.  But, if the economy continues to roll ahead, Barack Obama may get that free pass for another four years...


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