Saturday, February 18, 2012

You Kiss Your Mother With That Lipstick ???

Add Lipstick to the List of Things That Have Dangerous Trace Elements

     We've said it a million times that Joe Jackson (not Michael's dad) wrote a prescient song in the old days called 'Everything Gives You Cancer'.. It seems every day, we get more kooky examples of how just about anything you use or eat will have something not good for you.  Lipstick has just joined that list.... Bigtime.

    Yep, over 400 different brands of ladies lipstick have been fund to contain traces of lead in them. We were a little concerned about secondhand lead exposure, but then we realized two things: first, we haven't been lucky enough to kiss many women on the lips lately.  Secondly, we quit playing in that 70's Glam Rock cover band years ago, so we don't wear lipstick all that often anymore. OK, sometimes we dressed up like Buffalo Bill for the occasional 'Silence of the Lambs' party...

    Today, we even read that organic baby formula has found traces of arsenic in it. Apparently, organic formula is made from brown rice, not milk, and brown rice naturally maintains arsenic during growth.  Again, neither of these items will kill you, your wife or kid anytime soon.  Lots of things have little bits of plenty of bad things - even in nature. Yes, even God makes bad things. Joe Jackson was right..



Bobby said...

God doesn't make bad things...and it takes too long to explain what I mean on here.

Mike Reino said...

I was sure I'd get at least one answer like that! Since both lead and arsenic are both naturally occuring elements, we'll assume they both have some positive uses!