Monday, February 20, 2012

Is This The Oscars, Or a GOP Meeting ?

Hollywood Is Supposed to Be So Liberal, But The Oscar's Selection Committee Sure Isn't.. 

      As far as we know, we haven't seen a single movie nominated for an Academy Award this year... Not even 'Bridemaids', which should have been right up our alley.  We went from being pretty busy to pretty unemployed about as fast as a Lamborghini can do 0-to-60-to zero..  So no, we're not film experts, but we did find the numbers about the people who cast votes for the awards: They're Old White Guys - just like the GOP!  Here's the facts..

94% are White

77% are Male

86% are over age 50.....

And yet, there seem to be so few Republicans in Hollywood..  California GOP, you obviously are not doing your work.  There are dozens of potential recruits right in your neighborhood for the taking... Just get an Oscar pass on Sunday, and get to work!  Then again, these numbers are even worse than the GOP.  This isn't the GOP - it's the Rotary Club!


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west_rhino said...

Gotta check what's in the Californian's kool-aid...