Friday, February 03, 2012

Good News From Sumter .....

Sen. Phil Leventis (D-Sumter) Calls it Quits....

    As usual, with our arrival back into South Carolina, Republicans in Sumter County got some good, long awaited news.... It was a pretty solid rumor last night, but with today's announcement, it became official: Long time Senator Phil Leventis is ending his 32-year tenure in the Senate.  If her were a woman, and the Sumter GOP were munchkins, we'd be hearing 'Ding Dong, the witch is dead....'.

   Like we said, the word had been running for a while, and the GOP seems ready whether or not Leventis stays out or changes his mind.  Two candidates were at last nights meeting at the Elks Lodge... Local businessmen Tony Barwick and Eddie Drayton spoke for a few minutes to introduce themselves to the small audience.  Thankfully, neither took it as an opportunity to debate each other, which reminds me of a Charleston senate race a few years back that made even Tim Scott ask me "When are these guys gonna shut up??'.  Even Congressmen don't want to hear too much..

    Also addressing the group was Debbie Bowen, who is intending to run for Mayor of Sumter. The mayor's race is non-partisan, so she is not running as a Republican, and the official period to run has not come yet... She seems like a good fit for Sumter as Mayor.  She has lots of business success in town, mixed with a bit of maternal charm... Like many non-pro candidates, she needs a little polish, but she has some promise.

Tod Williams is the 4th County Chair since we came on in 2004... While few can compare to the Braden Bunch show, he seems to be doing a good job. At least he can keep his eyes open for pictures..

Next up for us is the latest Quorum of the Four Horsemen of the Political Apocalypse, tonight in Wyboo.. Unfortunately, Tom can't make it.  Then, it's onto Lake Marion High in Santee, to scout a location for the 6th District Convention in April, where I will relinquish my Vice-Chair crown. Then, I'll just be a pain in the ass blogger....


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