Friday, February 03, 2012

So You Think You Know Everything About South Carolina ...

No, The State Song Is Not Hootie and the Blowfish .....

     Part of keeping fresh material on a blog is keeping your eyes open.. There is always interesting stuff to post about.  Take last night.. I'm at the Sumter meeting.... I look down at the paper placemat - and there it is!  A list of all the state symbols and emblems for South Carolina...

     You might not have an idea of how many state things there are... There are lots of them.  I know the obvious ones, but there's plenty.  We have 16 listed here, so feel free to take the test. No, no multiple choice this time. We have a feeling that Miss June knows all of these - but please, no cheating!

1. State Bird
2. State Flower
3. State Tree
4. State Song
5. State Gem Stone
6. State Stone
7. State Animal
8. State Fish
9. State Wild Game Bird
10. State Dance
11. State Fruit
12. State Shell
13. State Beverage
14.  State Dog
15. State Insect
16. State Reptile

1. Carolina Wren   2. Yellow Jessamine   3. Palmetto   4. Carolina on My Mind    5. Amethyst   6. Blue Granite  7. White Tail Deer  8. Striped Bass  9. Wild Turkey  10. The Shag  11. Peach   12. Lettered Olive   13. Milk  14. Boykin Spaniel  15. Praying Mantis   16. Loggerhead Turtle

(0-4)  Congrats, you are about as good as me!  Yeah, I know the Shag and Striped Bass. Personally, I think the Insect should be a Fire Ant...and I thought Wild Turkey was the State Drink, not Bird!

(5-8)   You likely know the Turtle and Peach, but don't be too proud.  The guy next to you probably knows who led Clemson in rushing in 1977.... like Moye.  Go back to the books and study.

(9-12)   Pretty good, without making us wonder what you do in your spare time.  Don't be embarrassed about not getting the Boykin Spaniel, who we thought was a Carolina point guard - right?  Don't bother learning the rest, it'd just scare us...

(13-16)   Unless you're Miss June, you're a liar.... If you didn't cheat, you need to get out of town at least for a day or two.  If you even knew a Lettered Olive was a SHELL, you are a freak!  Keep reading the blog, despite the insults from the staff..


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June Brailsford said...

Thanks for the high praise and compliments. I guess the bottom line is..."I'm a freak". There is also the State Waltz...The Richardson Waltz, named for the 6 former governors from Clarendon County and written by a family member.
Welcome home Mike. It's great having you back where the snow days are few and far between. Hope to see you soon.