Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Have a Crappy Valentine's Day ... Again.

Yay, it's our favorite day of the year... That annual reminder that we're alone.  I spent about 20 minutes on Voxer with Carol today, as she kept bitching about my ambivalence to the day.  I got lots of cliches today: there's a person for everyone out there, the important thing is having friends who 'care' about you, etc.  All bullshit...

No, we don't care about that Valentine's Day is an invention of the greeting card, chocolate and flower industries. That's fine - it's Capitalism in action. If you don't have a day to sell stuff, make one up, right?  It's the part where every dick boyfriend/husband who treats their wife/girl like shit, then makes up for it by cooking dinner once a year - and they fall for it.  Yeah, we're jealous. So, to the guys out there who MIGHT get laid tonight because they bought a teddy bear, we say this..... go f**k yourself. Or more correctly, go f**k your wife or girlfriend.


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