Thursday, May 24, 2012

And There Goes Ted Vick's Campaign... Maybe.

'Hi, Very Nice to Meet You... I'm Ted Vick and I'm Running For Congress... Is This Where I'm Supposed to Post Bail?'

     And........ POOF!  There goes Ted Vick's chances for the Democratic Party nomination for the 7th District Congressional seat of South Carolina.  At least we think so.  Hey, this is South Carolina after all - you never know what will be regarded as a positive trait in a candidate.  If the must have's on your list are:

1. Likes to Speed
2. While Intoxicated and
3. While Having an Illegal Firearm in You Possession

then we have just found you your man!!!!

    Now, we don't know whether Ted Vick was the frontrunner some had claimed he was for the Democratic nod.  Many claim he is actually a Republican, that he is too far from the 7th power base to be seriously considered, and that he has little support from the Democratic Establishment.  That will all be found out soon, and we'd love to hear his explanation (if any) for what happened between Delaney's and Devine Street... But we have an idea it went something like THIS.... Just subsitute 'Dewey' with 'Representative Vick'.

    All of that is conjecture, and if he gets a real good DWI attorney, he'll probably get off.  I can think of one, but he's backing Preston Brittain from what I understand.  We have only two real thoughts on this one: First, we are SOOOOO glad to see some other candidate's mug shot in the paper besides ours and Ed Robinson's.  Personally, we think all politicians should make it fair, and rotate their hi-jinx's so that everyone has some fun...

   Our second regret is that it is real disappointing to see that a guy was speeding, drunk and illegally armed..... and nothing exciting happened!  Seriously, those guys from Chesterfield County know how to raise some hell, and to see Vick just take the cuffs and go to jail was... disappointing.  We were picturing something like the end of 'Thelma and Louise' - where he magically flies his car into the Congaree, hailing bullets all the way.  Then again, we DO like our share of drama.... Good Luck with the Mea Culpa - and the Primary!


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