Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why I Won't Be at the Silver Elephant on Saturday..

All the Money's Going Into the House Right Now....

    Like most people waiting on job training to start, money is pretty tight right now.. I know, times are tough all over.  It's been pretty dull around here, so to keep myself from sleeping 24/7, I've been bringing the yard back to spec, so someday it might sell... So far, no luck, but the cash to do the bigger things I'd like to - redo the counters, replace the deck - isn't there.  Given that, we've been polishing the pig a bit as best we can.

   50 bales of pine straw - with another 15 to go, retaining wall block all over the place (155 so far), and as you can see in the picture, repairing bare patches of grass everywhere.  No, yardwork was not Ben's forte - but you never get good any somethign you never do, right?  The front has that needed curb appeal again, so now the back is the focus.  Just keep raining this week, baby!

    With all this, homeowners insurance, a trip to New York, and probably having to buy a recliner so I can watch TV without reacting to per dander on the docket, dropping another $100 to mingle in Columbia will have to take a second seat.  It would have been great to make more new friends, but there will be other opportunities... have a burger and a shag for me!


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