Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day !!

      Just a quick note to wish all our Mom readers a Happy Mother's Day, and to those Moms of the rest of our readers.  We do have female readers, right???  For those of you who know me well, know my Mom passed away a long time ago.  The time leading up to today is always a little tough. Mom passed away on April 5th, and she was born April 22nd. 

    It may sound strange, but it's actually good that it went in that time frame.. It's always sad to think about her dying, and her birthday is a little happier, but it does remind me that she left pretty early.  Mother's Day, however, is a celebratory day.. It's the day I get to think about all she did for me, how funny and kid she was, and how much I try to emulate her - minus wearing dresses, of course! 

    As soon as I finish posting this, I'll get on Facebook, and wish all my Mommy friends a happy Mother's Day.  Enjoy the day.... and don't forget to call your Mom!


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June Brailsford said...

Thanks Mike. I've had a real nice day and lots of gifts I can use.
Mama June