Sunday, May 27, 2012

Today's Kooky Not-Facebook Pic..

Like we always say, give a woman anything, and she'll make a handbag out of it.  I'm embarrassed to say it, but for a single guy, I know WAY TOO MUCH about handbags.... Yes, I actually know the difference between a Louis Vuitton, a Michael Kors, a Gucci,a Prada and a Dooneybag - although I likely wouldn't know a knockoff from an original.

Of all of them, I have to say this is my favorite.. You're not seeing things - it's a handbag Sarah made from Capri Sun juice bags!  Why is my favorite?  First off, it only cost about $4 for the juice, which was about $300 less than it cost me to buy her Mom's bag.  But mainly, because it's cute, it involves ingenuity, and she did it herself. Best of all, it's actually functional, because those those Capri Sun pouches are pretty sturdy.  Have you ever tried to get the straw through one of those suckers?  Good luck..  No, it has nothing to do with politics, although I suppose I could go on a tangent about self-reliance and today's excess - but we'll just settle for something being cute.


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