Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jim Clyburn Learns You're Only As Smart As the Last Stupid Thing You Say to the Press..

The Ex-Whipper May View Himself As a Democratic Superhero, But the Obama Team's Rebuke of His Comment Is Leaving Him Green...

    Ahh, the long, slow precipitous decline of our Congressman continues.  Once the third ranking member of the US House of Representatives, Jim Clyburn's decline into Cable TV 30 second analyst rolls on.  Slowly, painfully, we watch the man who was known a couple years ago as 'The Sage' - the man who had Barack Obama's ear - drift of into obscurity.  These things happen when yu give bad advice like taking over 1/6's of the US Economy, with no way to pay for it.

   Of course, those are the big things Jim Clyburn has done to become the odd man out in the White House.  Add to that, his getting nothing accompished at last summer's Super Committee Budget gaffe.  Then, there are the little things he says that just eventually add up.. Like everytime he talks about an issue of today, he goes back to 1960 and inherently race-baits on every subject, like on Voter ID.  No one is trying to keep blacks away from the polls - just the people who aren't registered or voting under dead people's names.  Even he said ID at voting is fine, but we're sorry - college ID's are easy to fake, and same day registartion and voting is asking for trouble, because there is no time to verify any of that, and it could throw a close election into chaos if the votes are held until verified.

   Then, there is just the flat-out dumb thing he said this week about Mitt Romney... Let me ask you a question: what do Ann Romney and Jim Clyburn have in common?  Neither has worked in the private sector a single day in the last 40 years.  For those of you who have watch The Whipper in action on fiscal matters, you know he has NO CLUE what he is talking about.  But his overblown 'sense of justice' compels him to say things to point out what he sees as the inequities.  And he's usually wrong, due to his inability to grasp the concept of the Economy.

    This week, it sounds like if Clyburn had his way, Mitt Romney should be charged with 700 counts of sexual assault for what happened to the Steel Plant that went under during Bain Capital's ownership.  That IS what saying that you 'raped the workers' of that plant, right?  Even Obama's staff quickly put out a solid rebuke of the statement - along with a half-hearted question of Romney's activity at Bain during the period.  The truth is, Bain dropped $100 million into that plant, during a time when the steel industry was overglutted with excess product (again - supply and demand).  Where was Mitt Romney? In Salt Lake City, getting the 2002 Winter Olympics back in order.  The steel industry lost $3 billion the year bain took over GST. Lots of them went out of business. It happens in lots of industries all over the world.  Remember Oldsmobile and Saturn?  Think GM would still be around if they hadn't dropped those lines...

    No, Mitt Romney did not stick his dick into every single employee at GST's vagina or ass.  GST fucked themselves, and even Bain couldn't save them.  Employees doing a good job just don't understand how these things work a lot, so they blame the last guy at the controls as the ship sank.  It happens.  Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.  It's Business.  When you have no experience in it at all, how can you comprehend it?  But, at least you should keep you're mouth shut.

    Still, we're enjoying seeing Jim's slow, painful descent into nonexistence.  It reminds us of a line John Coffey said in The Green Mile - 'It's like thousands of bees stinging me, Boss'.. With each little sting, Jim gets more and more numb with Uselessness.  Now you know how we feel!


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