Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Presume No More, Republicans - Mitt Romney Is Your Guy

Guy Smiley Clinches the GOP Nomination After Texas Win....

      And now for the most anticlimatic post of the Month - Mitt Romney wins the Republican nomination.  Yep, he got the 88 delegates needed to reach the magic 1144 to secure his name at the top of the Republican ticket.  That's about it...

      Not much else to say, is there?  It's been a foregone conclusion since February, but with any process, it takes time to become official - especially with the new format that parsed out delegates based on vote totals, rather than winner take all.  In hindsight, we did like it better this way. In 2008, we were all clinched by March.  ZZZZZZZZZZ!!  At least we got an extra month or so out of this cycle.  Now what do we talk about?   Nevermind, we always find something stupid going on in DC, Columbia or Florence..


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