Sunday, May 27, 2012

Jim Clyburn May Have Obama's Ear, But Stephen Wukela Seems To Have Clyburn's....

Jim Clyburn's Impending Endorsement of Preston Brittain Leads Us To Only One Conclusion - That Mayor Stephen Wukela Is Secretly Running the United States From Florence...

    So much for the hubbub that Jim Clyburn was secretly financing and backing Gloria Bromell-Tinibu for the 7th Congressional seat.  Even we bought into it initially, but after a while, we started wondering why he wasn't doing anything if the race would be so tight.  Now we have our answer.  After numerous mis-endorsements (remember Dick Gephardt in 2004?), The Whipper has learned to be coy and wait until everything plays out.  He's lucky he did, because he was pretty close to endorsing Ted Vick for Congress, having attended a Vick fundraiser in DC in March.

    According to, Clyburn will instead endorse Myrtle Beach attorney Preston Brittain for the primary instead on Tuesday.  More interesting than the endorsement itself is who, more than likely, talked Clyburn into it - Florence Mayor Stephen Wukela.  No, we didn't ask P-Luv about it.  But, Wukela's ability to wrap our soon to be former Congressman around his itty-bitty pinkie is intriguing.. What makes us think that Wukela pulled this off? Rather than go to Myrtle Beach and endorse Brittain, where he can catch a round or two of golf, Clyburn is instead going to WUKELA'S OFFICE in Flotown to announce it.  Maybe he'll get in 18 holes at Trace or The Crossings instead - I doubt FCC or CCSC will let him in!

    Give Clyburn a little credit.... As much as he will never listen to any Republican that is smarter than him, he has a knack for heeding the advice of Democrats who have more brains than him.  Given this now-confirmed knowledge, we can only draw one conclusion: since Barack Obama supposedly looks to Jim Clyburn for advice, and Clyburn is now controlled by Stephen Wukela, it's obvious to us that Barack Obama is Stephen Wukela's puppet.  Is Wukela using this power yet? We doubt it, but if we were him, we would....  Whatever Clyburn and Obama have been coming up with together sure isn't working.

Hey, if it's good enough for Jeff Dunham, why not?


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