Tuesday, May 01, 2012

What a Surprise - The Only 'Healthy' Food We Eat Is Bad For You!

Scratch Canned Soup Off of the List - It's BPA-D For You Too..

     We think it's time we just flat-out STOPPED eating... For those of you who read us often, you know we've had some potentially long-term health issues lately: higher cholesterol, bad allergies and an elevating Liver Enyzme count.  When you get hammered from all directions like this, you end up having to seriously alter your diet...

    We'll be the first to admit, we don't always eat right.  We love burgers, chicken fingers and pizza.  Also, we will eat whatever is in front of us, so a major part of keeping our caloric intake down is to make single portions, which often are prepared and packaged.  No, the processed ingredients and sodium aren't good, but salt is not a problem for us, so we trade that off....  We thought the sole good thing we had in our diet was soup.  Until now...

    Chicken Noodle, Minestrone, Veggie Beef, Tortilla Soup - to us it was about the only thing that provided the one healthy thing we were willing to eat - vegetables!  Heat it up, toss in some extra mixed veggies, and we were ready to rock it vegan style!  Now, we hear that canned soup and veggies are potentially harmful... And the black health bullseye is on our back again.

     Recently, a study found that the liners of canned foods are made with Bisphenol A - or BPA.   It's a plastic that has been linked to heart disease and obesity, and up until recently, it lined almost all soup and canned food cans.  How much was in the cans?  A recent test had people test their BPA levels before and after eating canned soup after five days, versus five days of fresh soup. The BPA levels were 1.1 decigram per litre before and after eating fresh soup.  After five days of eating canned soup, it was 20.8 dcg/ltr... WOW!!

      Now, not being one to overreact, we don't know if 20.8 is an unsafe level or not, but it did scare the canned food industry to react immediately.... Campbell's is introducing a BPA-free can liner, and it can't get here soon enough for us.  Guess we'll have to check out the packaged soup section too, although we're scared to death at seeing how much it costs..  Either that, or get off our butts, open the frozen veggies we have, and cook those!  As if not having a beer since St. Patrick's Day wasn't bad enough...


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