Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Guess Chicago Can Call It the Memorial Weekend Massacre..

It Was Just Like the Good Old Days....... Except Even Al Capone Didn't Shoot 40 People in a Weekend !

      Yeah, we all had a lot of fun this weekend, didn't we?  This is what is wrong with America sometimes.  While you, me and the rest of normal America are taking a couple days off, enjoying the beginning of Summer and barbecueing, the gangs in Chicago spent the whole weekend shooting at each other - and hurting dozens of innocent people in the process.  Not that shooting kids should bother them...

     All totalled, 40 people were shot and 10 killed in the Windy City (guess they call it that for all the bullets whizzing by) over the Memorial Day weekend.  Our undertstatement of the week goes to Chicago Police Chief Garry McCarthy:  'Clearly we have a gang problem in the city of Chicago'.   Uhh, no shit, Chief..... However, that's not even the dumbest thing going around Chi-Town over this.  Mayor and former Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Enamuel is blaming this on - wait for it - the overabundance of liquor stores!  So far they've shut down four, so by 2257 they should have the problem resolved.  The town I went to college had a higher bar per capita rate than Chicago, and I don't remember anyone being shot....

    Still, others are noting the warm weather, and just like the early start to job hiring, crime isn't waiting til Summer either.  Call it crazy from the heat...  We'd like to find another bad excuse and blame it on Derrick Rose blowing his knee out and getting the Bulls an early exit from the NBA Playoffs.  Hey, if they riot over winning, you think they wouldn't start shooting when they lost?

    But fear not, my scared Americans.  First off, Chicagoans rarely leaving town, so unless you have a trip planned, you should be safe.  Thank God for deep dish pizza - it always keeps 'em home!  Also, the cops are on the case. How you ask?  Well.... by monitoring Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media, which gangs like to use.  Someone tell Mark Zuckerberg that his Utopian ideal   of social media has been perverted.  Forget about your parents on Facebook - the day Pookie and Slice start using it, it's time to get off.  Then again, that may make it even more appealing...

    No my friends, it's not that gangs left and suddenly came back - they never left.  Not in Chicago, LA or New York - and not in Florence, South Carolina either.  They just had a busy enough week to make the news... Then again, organized crime is nothing new in Chicago - you some of a batching corksuckers !!


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