Monday, May 07, 2012

SC6 Takes It On the Road Tomorrow - But Where?

Put On Your Thinking Caps, And Guess Where We Are, Gumshoes!

     We apologize for not posting today... There was a ton of non-political work to be done today, then we found out someone will be showing the house tomorrow - right after I cooked a big pot of chicken soup!  So, the casa has been getting douched, along with a fresh drink of agua for the lawn....

    But, tomorrow is a big road trip for us tomorrow - lots to do!  The big question is exactly where will the Avalon be taking us.  We'll give you a couple clues: it's not the Judiciary Committee hearing in the Gressette Building.  Nope, too many politicos and reporters there for us.  Nope... The second clue is this: it's a place that we have never been to in the six and a half years of SC6.  That's all we're gonna say - the rest is for you to guess!

    Check in tomorrow night.... We'll probably have something up by then... And off we go!


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