Saturday, June 16, 2012

And This Week's Big Winner in the 7th District Race Is ....... Bazen's Family Restaurant ??!!

With Meet & Greet's Set For Both GOP Candidates on Consecutive Days, Eggs and Grits and Politics Makes For a Winning Combination...

    First off, we gotta tell you that the rumor may be true about Jay Jordan endorsing Tom Rice could be true... Why? Because we took a quick stop at Walgreen's, and was grabbed by someone and asked about it... No, they hadn't read the blog (who does?), they heard what may quickly be becoming the worst kept secret in town.. We'll find out Monday.

   With the word out now that Andre Bauer will be in Florence as well on Tuesday, there can only be one conclusion - Bazen's Family Restaurant is the Center of the Universe - at least as far as Florence politics goes... For those of you who know GOP politics, you already know Bazen's is a must go to for any campaigns looking to get votes in the Pee Dee.

    Is Bauer's Tuesday event a counterpunch to Rice's supposed endorsement?  Maybe.  It might minimize a Jordan siding with Rice to a degree.  Our guess is it's more of a statement by Bauer that he will fight Rice and not concede any area in the district to him.... That's Andre in a nutshell.   Since endorsements have seemingly had little to no impact on votes this year (ex- Nikki Haley, et al), we can't make any decision that this will definitely change things.  All we can ascertain is that Bazen's Family Restaurant rules Planet Earth - at least for 48 hours!


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