Sunday, June 03, 2012

Cartoons of the Week ...

      We apologize for being so late with the usual Sunday fare.  Like we said, Narcdog rocked the stage til about 200am, and we got home around 500, so needless to say, our entire Sunday schedule is totally thrown off.  We didn't even get to watch Chris Wallace this morning!  There were three main topics in the political cartoon world this week.. First was Donald Trump going on the road with Mitt Romney - and Mitt trying to distance himself as much as possible.  At least he picked up one good tip from Trump - the value of a good combover!

More serious was the news of the killing of over 100 citizens in Syria, which the government blamed on anyone else, though they couldn't say who... We're not sure kids in Syria have Teddy Bears, but it makes the point....

Lastly, it's graduation month in high schools and colleges across America - and we can totally agree with this description!  As Daffy Duck said once, "Yikes, and Away!!!!"


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