Thursday, June 07, 2012

Andre Bauer Gets Our Vote in the 7th District Primary

SC6 Gives the Ex-SC2 The Nod In a Full, But Not Quite as Skilled Field...

    For those of you who follow us on Facebook, you are already aware of this, but with only 5 days to go until the big June 12th Primary, we are making it official - Andre Bauer has earned the SC6 Kiss of Death !

    No, we don't always go with the frontrunner in a race. In fact, it's pretty rare, which is why we have a history for endorsing - you might may - 'also-rans' in these things.  Anyone remember Jon Huntsman or Rudy Giuliani?  We kind of pick the same way in Horse Racing, but our winning percentage is much higher there.  For once, we think the best guy is leading the field...

   Like most of you, we didn't know a lot of the candidates when the race started.  Andre Bauer was one of the few that we did know - and we weren't enthused about him running in the 7th either.  Look back in our posts.. I don't think we used the C word, but we kept our options open.  While there were some good candidates that ran for this seat (any one of five or six of these people would make a good Congressman), Andre Bauer showed us why he went in as the guy to beat, and kept it all the way through..

   While, may people don't ascribe to debating as an important need for a good Congressman, we disagree.. In Washington, you don't get a lot of time in front of the cameras or in open discussions on issues, so when you do, you need to be sharp.  Not debating well being irrelevant is like saying a horse is great because he runs good in warmups.. Bauer is by far the most polished and tested candidate in the field.

   We learned a lot of other things at that debate.  We all knew how hard Andre works as a candidate, but the decade or so of experience in Columbia and statewide has given him an understanding that the others lacked.  It was obvious when the candidates asked what ideas did they have for the 'other side' of their District.  Bauer was the only one who had a SPECIFIC answer.  That is what excites us - not the hyperbole, but someone with an actual plan with specific ideas to implement!

     Yes, there are the questions about judgement and maturity that still hound him from the past, though it has quieted over the past couple years.  Andre Bauer is not a kid anymore, and we think the grownup , mature Andre Bauer will be the one that goes to DC.  If not, it will be a short one term, because the 7th has plenty of people lined up to take his place..

     This is a pretty historic time for the Pee Dee and Grand Strand.. We have our own Congressman - finally!  Who we send up there says as much about us as it says about the candidate.  We're not one of those people who wears every candidate's sticker on their lapel - we leave it empty until we can actually say 'I support this candidate'...While there are some good choices in the field, the others have stances that worry us as far as being for the people, rather than special interests, some with gaps in their resume, and a couple that aren't quite ready for Washington.  We need our first Congressman to be sharp, solid, tough and a hard worker.  Someone who won't just be happy to be in DC - but one who says 'I'm from South Carolina, dammit!  Take notice...'   Andre Bauer is that man, and we think he deserves your first vote on June 12th, and if not, then your second vote on June 26th....



Ron McGill said...

I've always like Andre. I've never caught him lying nor pretending to know something he didn't know. If he didn't know he'd say "I don't know BUT I'll find out." That's the kind of honesty you don't see a lot of. That's what we need in Washington in my humble opinion.

earlcapps said...

We know you don't wear everyone's stickers on your lapel, but we have some photos of other places you have been known to wear them.

There will be a shocking breaking Blogland exclusive coming soon ;)