Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cartoons of the Week...

       It's Sunday again, and for once, we are getting the usual Sunday fare out on time...  Not a bad week overall for the political cartoons.  Just like blogs, decent material to work with makes out jobs easier..  Last Friday's Immigration directive was the top story. It's never an easy topic to solve, but we're okay with the rule that was passed, though a negotiated law through Congress is always the better way - if it can happen.

Like most voters, Sheldon Adelson has had to get used to helping Mitt Romney - with his money.  We never noticed how much Romney does look Robert Wagner!  It could have been worse than calling him 'Number 2' - at least he's not 'Evil'.  Maybe he'll get Romney some Killer Sharks with frickin' lazers on their frickin' heads....

Lastly, we missed posting on Roger Clemens getting off the hook for perjuring himself to Congress over steroid use... To the jury, we could agree with you more!  Guys, get back to work that actually matters... Steroids and boxing don't matter.


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