Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Scott Walker Wins.... And What It Means

Pound It, Wisconsin ...... POUND IT, BABY !!!!!

     Just about everything has gone around on yesterday's recall win for Scott Walker as Governor of Wisconsin.  Before everyone gets overexcited or super depressed over yesterday's ballot, we need to really examine what happened.  To us, there are a few points to be made. Let's get right to them...

Number One: Don't Recall Candidates Because You Don't Like Them

    The main reason Scott Walker won and the Dems lost is because they tried to recall him for political reasons - and ordinary voters don't go for that.  No, we didn't think that eliminating collective bargainig with Unions is a fair practice, and we mentioned that last year.  But it hasn't ruined Wisconsin, and most importantly, it wasn't a treasonous act against the state's interests.  We weren't for recalling Mark Sanford, and even we will admit the case against him was way worse than anything Scott Walker.  This isn't a death knell for Unions, but they ahve made themselves out to be a bunch of vindictive assholes...

Number Two:  Walker Has Some Mending to Do Anyway

    Like we said, this wasn't a vote for or against Scott Walker as Governor, but slightly more whether he deserves recall - and a nine point win is not a solid mandate.  He's got 2 1/2 years left, and he needs to continue reforming Wisconsin - but a little less hardball would help.

This Does Not Make Wisconsin a Red State Yet

    Yes, Walker's win is good news for Republicans, but there are a few facts we need to consider before claiming the Badger State for us.  First off, this was an in-state race, where Walker was the favorite all along.  And in Purple States, Barack Obama always outpolls the local Democratic candidates. Annoying as it is, he has that damned 'likeability' factor.  Moderate voters don't hate him, and even if they disagree, they root for him in a way other Dems don't.  The latest poll still has Obama up 52-43%.  And this is at the peak for Wisconsin Republicans.  They last voted GOP for Ronald Reagan - 28 years ago.  If the economy sputters some more, a Rust Belt state like them could swing, but it isn't there yet...

   Like we always say, we try to pick you up a bit when things are low, and temper the enthusiasm when we get crazy.... Last night was great news for sure.  No way should Scott Walker have been recalled, and he wasn't.  However, thats all that happened, and we have a lot of work to do.


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