Sunday, June 17, 2012

Need to Do Something Good? Then Join in on the City Project!

     It's not that often that we promote civic events going on in town, and there's a good reason for it - NO ONE ever tells or asks us to do it!  Yeah, we're a political blog mainly, but we love doing things that help others in the area as well.  Honestly, we don't get directly involved in things too often, but we are more than happy to use our pulpit to advance others who frankly are better people than us... Today, that goes to First Presbyterian Church in Florence for their 2nd Annual City Project.

   Some might think that because we don't go to church every Sunday or Wednesday, that we have a problem with religion.  Nothing could be further from the truth.... We believe in God, and talk to him all the time, and give him credit for all that is good in the world.  We just haven't quite connected with a church we guess.  But, almost every church we've run into does a lot of very good work in the community.  Not to get political again, but church involvement in community issues is perhaps the most effective way of fixing problems that affect our towns.  As far as bang for the buck, it's the best way - and we doubt few will disagree...

   First Presbyterian's City Project is a great example.  For two weeks, from July 8-21, they are focusing on making a real impact on the neediest in Florence: the poor, homeless, indigent, community givers and Seniors.  They have all sorts of events planned, and they need volunteers to assist in any or all of them.  In short, whatever you want to do to help, you can.   Feeding the homeless, preparing FoodPacks for needy families, blood drives, having a cookout for police, or even doing home repairs for those who can't - and more!

    So, you're not a Presbyterian? Our guess is they don't care... If we can work with Democrats, I'm sure Presbyterians and Baptists can work side by side.  For once, we're going to make things real easy for you.  Here is the website for the City Project.... Simply log on, check out list of events, and register to help... Easy Cheesy!

    Maybe you'll even see us at one of the events.  Our advice is to sign up and do something that not only helps others, but it'll make you feel good too!  Besides, I think the last time we posted a community event was 2007, so take advantage of our civic mindedness while you can. It doesn't happen often!


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