Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Post Number 3600: Today's Not At All Kooky Facebook Pic..

      Today, we got the good news that my Cousin John's son, Christopher, officially will be ending his hitch in the 82nd Airborne Intelligence, and coming home for good... Offhand, we don't remember exactly how long his stint was, but it's somewhere between 5-6 years.  To say he was 'involved' is an understatement.  Where most soldiers are able to tell you where they are going, but not what they're doing, Chris often couldn't even tell you where he was going!

     We've never asked him details about his tours in Iraq and all the other operations he was involved in, but he's the pride of our family, and we are glad to have him back home and safe!  Chris absolutely loved being in the Army, so we're a bit suprised he's ending his service.  But, he's a great kid, and his Mom , Dad and the rest of the clan can't wait for him to come home next month!


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