Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Pappy's Day !!

     And we'll take a moment to wish all you Dad's out there a happy Father's Day... It took on a bit of a special meaning as my good friends Chris and Paige Alexander baptised their second child, John Joseph, today at First Presbyterian Church in Flotown.. It was nice to get back to church after my First Baptist disaster back in 2006.  For us, Father's Day is a bit of a melancholy day... First off, we've had our issues in the past with dad since we were born. Yes, I'm a 100% Momma's Boy... Things have been a lot better, but he moved back to town last week, and the stress of the move has made him very paranoid and short-tempered.  Normally I'd call, but I could tell he was mad at me when I visited a couple days ago, so I've learned to give him time... He's a Reino - when he wants something, he'll call me up!

    The other obvious point is that we aren't a dad, and pretty much everyone we know has kids... Being a month away from 44, it's pretty certain that I'm not going to ever be a Pop. Yeah, it's physically possible, but now I realize why my dad, who was my exact age now when I was born, didn't seem too motivated to play or be a father in the normal sense.  Being single may seem envious to a lot you, but while at church today, I got to see so many families enjoying the little things with each other.  It doesn't always hit you - a lot of times you're too busy to think about it - but it seems on the big events and holidays, it slaps you in the face, and most married people don't really get it..

     So, to those of you who are Dad's, or have a good Dad, we'll ask a favor of you: be the best dad you can, or thank your good Dad for doing such a great job, because not everyone is that lucky.  Some don't even have fathers - don't think we don't realize that.  Everytime you feel bad for yourself, there's someone who always has it worse.. May you enjoy the presence of your legacy today, may you feel loved and appreciated.... and may you NOT get an ugly tie!


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