Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Winning From Losing: How SCOTUS Killing Obamacare Could Actually Let Barack Obama Get Re-Elected..

We're Suggesting That the Unconstitutionality of Obama's Main First Term Achievement Might Actually HELP Him?  Maybe....

     OK, now that the 7th District race is over, it's time to get back to stirring up stuff in things other than the GOP.... We went back onto Bill Pickle's radio show this morning - mainly to accept the heckling for handicapping the race so badly - when we eventually went onto other national issues.  We have two big things coming up tomorrow: the possible censure of Attorney General Eric Holder, and infinitely more important, the ruling by the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of Obamacare..

    While the general consensus is that if Obamacare is knocked down, it will be viewed as a huge repudiation of the President, which would play a major part in him not being re-elected.  That could be true, but there is a possibility that it would do the exact opposite - that Obama could actually win from losing this case.. How is that even fathomable?  We'll explain it, but you always have to keep in mind, this is DC we're talking about here - anything is possible.

     OK, here is our conspiracy theory... With most things, the problem with Obamacare isn't the principle - it's the money.  We'd all like to have health insurance, but how the hell do we pay for it?  Ever since it was passed, US companies have been trying to prepare for this, and it has absolutely killed the growth of the US economy. 

    Back in 2010 and 2011, they weren't as concerned, because the law was 2-3 years away.  If you needed to hire more employees, you hired them, and the unemployment rate dropped.  2013 is right around the corner now, and along with Taxmageddon, it's staring businesses square in the face.  How daunting is it?   American corporations made a profit of $826 billion in 2011, an all-time record. Sounds great, right?  It is... They're becoming more efficient .  However, with the unsure estimates of just how much Obamacare will cost ($175-200 Billion), business is scared.  Think about it... Obamacare could cut their profits by 20-25% - and not all of them are making money.  Many could go under.  This is why they aren't taking anyone on right now - they're standing pat with what they've got...

      Now, enter the Supreme Court knocking down Obamacare... Yes, many will lose their Health Care, but this huge shroud of uncertainty has now been taken off of Corporate America - the people who ACTUALLY create jobs.  How many more job can $200 billion in the private market create?  At 40,000 a year, that translates into about 5 million jobs.  We'd take half that.  More people are working, making more money and being less dependent on the government.  Budget deficits drop without raising taxes, and the whole thing accelerates up because Americans with jobs buy stuff...  Sounds great!

    Yes, with millions of people working, the unemployment rate drops, and if you ever seen our post correlating unemployment and re-electability , you'll see that as long as voters think the economy is going in the right direction, they'll stand pat with the incumbent.  It may sound scary, but by proving to Barack Obama that his economic theory is completely wrong and unconstitutional, we could actually assist him in being re-elected.  Funnier things have happened....

    No, Obamacare is not the only reason Republicans and Independents will have to not vote for Barack Obama in November, but 2012 is all about the economy.... If tomorrow somehow relieves the pressure on American Business, voters won't give a flip - they'll re-elect Obama.  Will he deserve the credit for it? Absolutely not, but when has that ever stopped a politician from taking credit for good news that he actually retarded?  We rest our case.  Yes, this post is political blasphemy, but it's more based on economic reality.  Life is full of unintended consequences - Happy Accidents - and tomorrow could very well be  an example of Obama stepping in shit.  If it puts millions back to work, we'll live with it.  We won't like it, but we'll live - after all, we've made it this far!


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