Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nevermind About Deficits, Jobs, Social Security or Taxes.... The Senate Is More Concerned About - Boxing. Seriously?

     Just when you think the US Government at all different branches couldn't get any stupider or more out of touch, they do something to be even dumber... We just read an MSN article that says that there is a bipartisan bill just filed in the US Senate calling for an investigation into... boxing.  Like we often say, we shit you not...

    This time, you can pat Sen's John McCain and Harry Reid - two Senators that you would swear have better things to address in this time of financial peril.  Apparently not.  You see, both of them have something in common: they both boxed around the time when Willie Pep and Joe Louis were fighting.  Like most boxing fans, they watched and were outraged that Tim Bradley beat Manny Pacquiao by an effed up decision.  We saw the fight, and didn't like it either.  But, whereas you and I go on with life, these two morons decided that boxing needs to be organized nationally, not by state, and that how judges are picked needs to be reviewed.   Yes America, you can breathe easier now....

     Maybe these things do need to be addressed, but we have two big points on this (score it 10-9 on your judges card): first off, maybe corrections need to be made, but Congress has certainly proved recently that it can't handle anything involving sports (re: Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, John Edwards). they should let someone else do it.  And of course, there is the big point... DO YOU IDIOTS HAVE ANY IDEA HOW STUPID THIS MAKES YOU GUYS LOOK TAKING THIS ON RIGHT NOW????  Yes, we capitalized on purpose.

    America has big problems, and we don't try to make it sound like all of DC is a dysfunctional mess.  But they have moments every once in a while that seem to prove us wrong... Last week, the big argument between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney was which one seemed out of touch, and which one had a better reading of America's pulse.  The correct answer to this is none of them... Everyone in DC has lost a grip on where America is at, and we are the ones paying for it.  Right now, we are ignoring America's real problems, and instead are focused on immigrants already here, boxing and paperwork on guns that ended up in Mexico.  They are all bullshit compared to fixing taxes and getting the economy straight... but not to these misguided old farts who care more about their party winning, instead of America winning.  Good job, fellas!  We like boxing too - how's about giving us three minutes to beat the crap out of all of you?


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