Friday, January 27, 2006

Clam Chowda for Brains: Time to Let Massachusetts Leave the Union.

Sens. John Kerry and Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts have both called for a filibuster when the time comes to vote on Judge Sam Alito's nomination for SCOTUS. Intelligently, no other Senators have joined them at this time. It appears that Alito will garner about 58 votes , and if a filibuster is requested, there are the 60 votes needed to override it.
Now, we've always known that Kerry and Kennedy are out of touch, but never has an issue come up where they are standing so obviously alone. I've suggested it before, and I'll suggest it again - it's time to kick Massachusetts out of the US!
I'll admit, I don't like those people very much. I hate the Red Sox, ( thanks for Johnny Damon, by the way!), and I haven't met a person from MA that wasn't an obnoxious a-hole. However, the worst part of Massachusetts are their politicians.
Now, I'm used to democrats whining lately, but the Bay State whines like no one else. Maybe it's the accent. Listen to Ed Markey , Jim McGovern, Bill Delahunt and John Tierney whine sometime. They make Bawney Fwank ( not a misprint) sound downright levelheaded. Sure , there may be individual congresssmen who are worse (e.g. Jim McDermott), but no state has such a complete team of crybabies as they do.
There will be logistical problems (Ferry boats from RI and Ct. to Maine), but think of the benefits. I know I'd go for it - watch enough C-SPAN, and you'll agree! My guess is that Kerry and Kennedy will wave the flag of solitary solidarity alone, and hope they are viewed as idealists. In the end, they'll be seen correctly - as discontented losers. Being Sox fans, they should be used to losing by now.

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Jere said...

"Being Sox fans, they should be used to losing by now."

He said, just over a year after the Red Sox won the World Series (the opposite of losing), after beating the Yankees in the biggest comeback in baseball history. And less than two years before we win it again.

Yes, we're used to losing. But also, lots and lots of awesome, recent winning, while the Yankees lose. So, you're half right.