Thursday, February 21, 2008

Have You Seen This Ad ?

Luckily, I've Never Had to Buy One of These.....
Yeah, i know...... I have to get laid to need a home pregnancy test ! To that I say this with love - F.U. Anyway, I caught a commercial for the new ClearBlue Digital Home Pregnancy Test tonight, and it was really strange. Strange but cool. First, take a second and check it out....
Yes, to say it is the finest piece of technology you'll ever pee on is great. Kudos to the ad agency...... The odd part of the ad is that it really seems to be targeting guys. The whole thing is like a Gillette Mach III Twin Turbo with Sonic Boost ad. We're all used to the nervous couple staring at the stick ad, so this was a nice departure. Want further proof of it's new target market? I caught this ad on Channel 21 during 'Two and a Half Men". Twice.
But will it get guys to buy them? My guess is that you'll have about the same luck as getting us to pick up a box of Kotex during peak hours. As Ben told me, "The only tester i'd buy is the one that's 100% guaranteed to read 'Not Pregnant'...... Such are Men..

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williamsburg county person said...

they still make kotex. the last time i seen one a brother was walking down main street in kingstree with one taped to his forehead using it for a bandage.