Friday, February 22, 2008

My Life Is Finally Back on Track..

WOO-WOO !! Mike Has a REAL JOB Again !!!!
SC6 has a major announcement. I've been keeping quiet on this week until everything was official, but I can now let the cat out the bag - I once again have a real job.......
Yes, I will be working a full-time job with base pay plus bonuses and benefits, adding up to an amount of income on which I can actually survive - and then some. I got back in touch with Hilton Head Island Honda (say that ten times fast), and they needed a Service Advisor ASAP, I jumped on it, and I'll be starting Monday. The good news is that I'll be making as much as I was at Newsome, and I don't have to work Saturdays - excellent..
It will be pretty similar to when i was helping out Matt at his body shop. I'll be in HHI during the week, and back in Flotown during the weekends to play with Rocket, and catch up on all the domestic crap. It will be a bit hectic, but the weight that has come off of my shoulders today is tremendous. How I went jobless for five months and eleven days while having two mortgages, and a $450/month car payment, and only owing what little I do is incredible. God truly has had my back lately......
I do need to thank some other people who help me also. First is Ben. I had been slow or late with my half of the mortgage for four months, and he never bitched, complained or even asked when i was paying. He even lent me a couple hundred once, all of which is more than I probably would have done. I've been real lucky to have him as a co-owner.
Next is Bobby and his wife Jean, for loaning me money and for letting me stop by the house whenever I would get cabin fever from sitting at home for too long. Bob always would listen an support me when I was down, and kick me in the ass when I needed it. Bobby's Mom was also nice enough to lend me some money in addition to an overly generous X-mas present that helped too. She's great - even for a Hillary fan !!
I need to thank my brother Matt for his willingness to let me stay at his place , and for giving me some work - which he paid for out of his own pocket. He put himself in a bad position just to keep me out of a hole. He's probably my best friend of all time, and i owe him alot right now. I also want to thank Gene at Victory Chevrolet for letting me work part time at the dealership the last month to show the other dealers that I was back to my old, kickass ways again. Lastly, thanks to my old boss at Newsome, Joey Vause, for giving me a great recommendation to Honda, which sealed the deal.
Lastly, thanks to all of you for reading the blog, and enduring all the tales of woe lately. This blog was about all i had going for a while.. I'll be a little busier than I was, but I think I can still crank out a couple posts a day for y'all. I owe you that much.....
I really hope the positiveness is coming through on this post. After five and a half months, i feel like everything that I had lost has finally been given back to me again - just about ! I think by April, I'll be fully back to where I was before Sept. 11th, 2007. I can now go do things again, pay back the money i owe, put tires on the Avalon, and maybe even renew my favorite philanthropic endeavor - The Mike Reino Foundation Scholarship Fund for Wayward Strippers !! Apply at The Trophy Club. Well, that one better wait...


Martha said...

Hey bro !
Thats great news! Good things happen when you least expect it, don't they?
This is a good time to take care what is most important right! Set your goals and make them happen.

Moye said...

Good for you Mike.

bobby & jean said... where's my money bitch???

glad i could kick ya in the ass too!

we love ya Mikey.

Mike Reino said...

Maybe April. How much did I work off with the chores???