Sunday, June 01, 2008

And Now, An Announcement From the Bully Pulpit.

It's Not Exactly What I Mean, But I Am Quitting....
As I promised, here is my official resignation letter, notifying the Florence County GOP that I will step down as Vice-Chair. I hope this clears everything up.....
June 1, 2008

Effective today, I am resigning my position as Vice-Chairman of the Florence County Republican Party. There has been some speculation as to my status as Vice-Chair, so I will clear up any questions concerning this matter. I have not been fired from the position, and I have never been asked to resign. I told party leadership over a month ago that I would be resigning after the State GOP Convention.

I am still a Florence County resident. However, I do spend the week in Hilton Head Island, which makes it impossible to attend the monthly Florence GOP meetings on the second Monday each month. Simply put, if I can’t make the meetings, I can’t serve. This is the sole reason for my resignation. Being a Florence resident, I will still be serving out my position as Vice-Chairman of the Sixth Congressional District.

I was not satisfied with my performance this year in the position. I planned to streamline communication for party members about events, attract guest from outside the area, and bridge the gap between those who are involved in the party, and those who just donate money.

I want to thank everyone in Florence who have worked so hard to support the GOP in Florence County. None of us get paid for it, and it’s that type of effort that deserves credit.

I have made a lot of friends here, and I never thought that I would have moved up so high in the party when I first got up in March 2004 to announce that I would be running for Congress. I never walked away from the tough races, and I still don’t. This is going to be a tough election year for us. We need to re-elect Kenney Boone as Sheriff, support Nancy Harrelson in her bid for Congress, and send John McCain and Lindsey Graham back to Washington.
Together, we can achieve these goals. I may not be here at the meetings, but I’ll be on the road working hard, and you can always leave me a message at . Thanks , and God Bless you all.



Earl Capps said...

Mike, you may well have made the right decision here. But I'm glad you were given the opportunity to consider your role and make a decision.

I hope your replacement will bring valuable help to the Florence GOP this fall.

columbia airport moye said...

Mike glad you are the Vice Chair of the District and you know you have my support in whatever you do.