Monday, June 23, 2008

SC6 Remembers George Carlin.

The comedy world lost another legend when George Carlin died from heart failure. He was 71. He worked all the way til the end, when he made his last appearance a wek ago, and had his 14th HBO special last month.

Yes, he was a rebel, and he was most noted for his skit "The Seven Dirty Words". No, he didn't have the same view on politics that I did, but I always appreciate funy people - even if they don't like Republicans. My guess is he didn't like most Democrats either. THAT is a rebel.

I liked him in 'Dogma', and here is my favorite clip of Carlin - I know Martha will love this .....



Martha said...

Dogma is one of my fav movies....I own a copy!

still on graham slough mg said...

while i was not a big fan he was a rebel