Saturday, June 07, 2008

We Take You Into the Future - Airless Tires !!

Here's something that affects each of us, so now you HAVE to read this blog... Do you drive a car? Of course. So everyone needs tires - those little rubber doohickies that keep us on the road. One of the problems with regular tires is that you always have to keep checking the air pressure on them to have them wear correctly. You DO check your air pressure , right? Nevermind - just keep it at 32-34 lbs., and you'll be good.

Anyway, if you look at this picture, it appears to be a standard, POS Audi. But take a closer look.....

No sidewalls! Instead of using air inside the tire to keep it up, they use a series of rubber supports. The run flat tires have a similar plastic trim ring, but they still need air. This one doesn't.
These are pretty revolutionary tires, and the best part is that they are being developed right here in South Carolina, at the Michelin plant in Spartanburg. Don't expect them to be available anytime soon, but it does give you the impression that there still people out there trying to improve even the most basic of things.
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