Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lucky, Lucky : Girl Gets Hit By Lightning and Wins Lottery In Same Day !!

Since there is little going on in politics, it's time for another odd news story... A 16 yr old girl in Michigan went to her window to shut it during a lightning storm, when she was struck by a bolt.. It wasn't too serious - she had some numbness, and a slight burn mark on her hand where it hit her. After a short stay at the hospital, she was released.
Now , this girl did the same thing I would have done if I was hit by lightning. If I beat the impossible odds like that, I'd go play the lottery. Well, she had the same idea. Her Mom went to the store, got a ticket - and she won $20.... Pretty cool, eh? Yeah, maybe it's not like hitting the Powerball jackpot, but she did go 2-for-2.....

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let me out of trainer pennsylvania moye said...

16 years old and the mother bought the lottery ticket they should lock the mom up and put the child in foster care