Monday, June 16, 2008

It's Primary Day in Pillsbury, North Dakota.... And No One Shows Up to Vote !!

Even Poppin' Fresh Didn't Show, Though He May Not Be Registered
Pillsbury, North Dakota has a big problem - even more than being in the middle of nowhere in North Dakota... It seems that the 23 citizens of Pillsbury all skipped their civic duty of voting on June 10th - including the candidates - and now no one was elected to be Mayor or any of the other positions available.
How did this happen? Well, they were all busy. Mayor Darrel Brudevold was busy picking crops, and his wife Ruth is the postmaster and she runs the local beauty shop, so she was busy too. Clearly, everyone in Pillsbury is accustomed to multitasking, thus, no time for voting.
I don't know why no one cares to vote or run for office. The Mayor's gig pays all of $48 a YEAR. Despite all of the insanity, Pillsbury hasn't turned into chaos yet. All of the people currently seated will stay in their jobs, and no one is complaining so far. As Brunevold said, "not everybody makes it to the meetings, so it really doesn't get out of hand. the only time people show up is when we try to raise taxes..... then everybody shows."


want to be mayor moye said...

maybe we should move there and take over

Mike Reino said...

I haven't the slightest urge to go to N. Dakota, much less take over !

glad to be in pennsylvania moye said...

actually ND aint so bad neither is Hemingway