Friday, January 06, 2012

2012 Football Playoffs: SC6 Gives It's Picks

Matt Stafford Was a Fantasy Stud For Us, But Can He Beat Drew Brees and the Saints On the Road?

    Since we'e in the prognosticating mood this week, it's time for one of our favorite times of the year - the NFL Playoffs!  Time to sit back, grab a cold one, order a pizza, and enjoy the games.. Although judging by the last cholesterol report I got, I might need to skip the pizza..

    Last year, we did not fair well, especially on Saturday.  This year, there has been a lot of parity, where it seems that no lead is safe, and any team can be beaten - unless you're 15-1... But, we see some pretty easy matchups in Round One, so let's just get to the picks...

Cincinnati vs. Houston
     Perhaps harder to pick than some games, neither team is on a particular roll.. The Bengals backed into the playoffs, and the Texans have lost their last three games.  The Texans are banged up, with TJ Yates missing almost all of last week. But, they do have Andre Johnson back, though they only had less than 1 game together all year.  The Bengals haven't lost to anyone they should have, but they didn't beat anyone they shouldn't have either.  One of them was to Texas, but they had them beat, and let Yates get back in.  The Bengals are healthier, and like a few first round games, the division winner is actually the weaker team.  Bengals 24-20.

Detroit vs. New Orleans
    OK, the first team to 50 points wins... or do they? If you like offense, have we got a game for you! Neither team plays D very well, and Matt Satfford and Drew Brees are at the top of their games right now. The Lions have a knack for coming back from huge leads, so no lead is safe - but New Orleans never lets off the gas pedal.  The game is in the Superdome, where the Saints are almost unbeatable, but mainly the Saints secondary is better, and they have more weapons.  Shut down Calvin Johnson, and give the ball to Darren Sproles enough, and it's a win.  Saints 45-35.

Atlanta vs New York Giants
     Yay, my G-Men made it into the playoffs,  which is more than I thought they would... Luckily, the NFC East was pretty weak.  Eli Manning is on a nice roll, and the D-line has finally found a pass rush.  Sounds good, right?  Well, the problem is Atlanta is built for New York. They're actually a better team than the Number One seed team from last year.  They can run or pass, and Matt Ryan knows that he needs to start winning playoff games, not just get there.  The real star will be Michael Turner, who will bowling ball his way to over 100 yards, and a TD or two.. Falcons 27-21.

Pittsburgh vs. Denver
    For those of you who don't think the 80 points we're predicting in New Orleans is Football, we give you the antithesis...  To us, this game is a no-brainer.  But, Ben Roethlisberger is still hobbling, and Rashard Mendenhall is out.  Denver's D will help keep them in the game, but the sad part for Bronco fans is that the NFL has figured out Tim Tebow. The miracles will cease, unless he learns how to drop back and pass, or roll right... Not this week. It'll be ugly, like a lot of Pittsburgh's wins this year.  Steelers 17-6.



west_rhino said...

batting .250 reasonable guesses tho an tha G-Menz goes to the FROZEN TUNDRA...

Anonymous said...

Now that round 1 is over: Can Tebow beat the other quarterback of the 2000's? Manning v Rogers since we won't see Manning v Rogers in the SuperBowl.
The wide open Saints offense and the greastest QB since Marino meets the 49'ers no name defense. Finally its the surprising Texans v Ray Lewis and the dirty birds.

And the predictions are:
1)Brady shows us why he the better QB of the 2000's.
2)Even Giants can be dominated.
3)Great QB's win important great games and the 49'ers don't have a greast QB.
4)Surprises generally only work once and the Texans played that card.

See Ya Championship week...teg