Thursday, January 12, 2012

SC6 Makes It's NFL Divisional Round Picks...

Will Tim Tebow Need a Little Divine Intervention Against Tom Brady and the Patriots This Weekend?

     So, you want to do well in your NFL picks? It's easy... Just pick the opposite of us.  We did pretty crappy last week, going 1-3.  Who knew home field would be such an advantage?  Time for a little comeback here.. Time is short, as we prepare for our trip home, so we'll just get it out of the way..

New Orleans at San Francisco
    No, Drew Brees is not nearly as good on the road as in the Superdome, but he's still pretty good.  Alex Smith has done nice work for the 49ers this year, but there is definitely a dropoff.  The big question is can the Saints stop the Niner pass rush?  We think so.. Also, the 49er D looked awfully average against a downright awful Rams squad. Frank Gore needs to come up big, but too many weapons.  Saints 27-20.

Denver at New England
     You think they'll let Tim Tebow throw a little this time??? Problem is, it's gonna be kinda windy, which means those not too accurate throws will be all over the place - adn a couple will end up in the Pats' secondary's hands.  Tom Brady is like the Postal Service - Through Wind, Rain or Snow - except that Brady actually delivers.  A recent issue has been New England taking about 2 quarters to get it's act together, but they'll be OK.   Patriots 31-16.

Houston at Baltimore
     How much better do the Texans look with Andre Johnson in the game?  Also, Arian Foster is an animal.  But, so is Ray Rice.  Joe Flacco is a pretty good big game QB, and the Ravens at home?  8-0.  TJ Yates is in for a long day against a stout Ravens' pass rush.  Ravens 20-13.  

New York Giants at Green Bay
      Remember when the Giants played a previously unbeaten team, lost 38-35, and realized that they were playoff worthy... then they beat the Packers in Lambeau?  Ahh, it sounds a lot like 2007, but it isn't.  Note to Brett Favre fans:  Aaron Rodgers is SO MUCH better than Favre ever was.  Rodgers is a checkdown machine, and the Pack has more weapons than they did last year.  The Giants D is peaking at just the right time, but the only thing that'll slow down the Pack is the weather.  Packers 27-17.



Anonymous said...

If Tebow pulls this out and somehow the Broncos beat NE we could see a massive religious conversion in the NFL. But if he makes it to the Super Bowl and wins...Sainthood? The Presidency? The Vatican on line #2??....teg

west_rhino said...

Pack and San Fran have gotten winning ugly, as have the Denver Ponies. Alas for deserving Texans, it ain't their year, but it whets their appetite.

I suspect flags on eh Pat's D are gonna be the difference in a Mass. casualty.