Friday, January 06, 2012

Jon Huntsman Gets The Kiss of Death - Our Endorsement!

No, We Don't Pick Winners.. We Just Pick the Best Guy

     OK, all of you can stop laughing now. We've been watching the race and listening to the candidates intently.  Maybe we have a little bit different perspective because most of the time, we listened on POTUS radio.  We don't see the size of the crowds, or which media outlets were there - we just got to hear the messages. No, we don't go for the sexy endorsement, we just choose who we think would do the best job.  To us, that's Jon Huntsman...

    Why?  There's a few reasons. He has by far the most well-rounded resume to be able to handle all aspects of being President.  More importantly, while many candidates have said they will do certain things when President, but done others while in office, Huntsman has talked the talk, and walked the walk.  He had the top job growth in Utah as Governor in the US.  How? By implementing what we consider to be the easiest way to create job - the Flat Tax.  It would be slightly different on the National Level, but he's the only one who's actually DONE IT.

    He has that rare combination of expertise in both National and Global affairs... Numerous posts for both parties in various capacities. While most Republicans discarded Huntsman from the start because he worked for Barack Obama, here is our take.....which is smarter than theirs.  Which way can you do more NOW to fix things that you might disagree with?  Wait four years in a useless capacity, or do you take the opportunity to fix those things NOW, from the inside?  Easy answer for us. We think Judd Gregg missed a golden opportunity to save America when he turned down the Cabinet job Obama offered in 2009.

    Now, the big question is can Jon Huntsman beat Barack Obama?  Maybe, but we'll tell you one thing: Huntsman can duel head to head with Obama in a debate.  Why? Because he has such a grasp on the issues, and is very smooth in conveying that message. There is no searching for an answer, becuase he already knows in depth about whatever subject comes along - not in catch phrases, but in detail. Oh, and he can speak without stepping on his own words, unlike a few of the other guys..

     It's true, we don't have a good track records for choosing winners, but that's not what we've ever gone for with endorsements. We ignore all the BS the Kool-Aid drinking camps spew out, and we go with our brain, limited though it be...  You don't have to agree, and that's fine. Not many agreed with us when we chose Rudy 4 years ago.  Huntsman may not even make it South Carolina if he places badly in New Hampshire. That's fine, we have a secondary choice in reserve. But for now, we're going with Jon Huntsman. Get past your biases that we worked for Obama, and that he's a Mormon. Big deal.  The guy can do the job, and the Obama Administration is scared to death of debating him...


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Bobby said...

Well...I believe he is going to be the one I vote for on the 21st.