Tuesday, January 17, 2012

C'mon Tim, You Know Who You're Voting For...

SC Congressional Kingmaker is Among the Undecided ???

     You might notice by now that we haven't commented on last night's SCGOP Debate in Myrtle Beach.  Well, the reason for that is we were driving somewhere in New Jersey when they started, and they were over by the time we made it back to Yankeeville.  We don't comment on things we haven't seen, which is why you should trust us implicitly on EVERYTHING we say!

     We did catch some of the recap today on Fox, and one guest was 1st District Congressman and our buddy, Tim Scott.  He was on this morning, commenting on the outcome, and he stated something that made us giggle: he said he has not made up his mind who he is voting or, and will not endorse any candidate.  Yes, the man who has doen more to allow SC voters to see the field hasn't chosen one yet.. Or has he?

    We've know Tim for almost a decade now, when he was on County Council, and we were running for Congress.  Here's our opinion: Tim does think things through before making a decision, but he does not vacillate or change from them once he does decide, and we can't picture him making a last second decision.  He knows who he's voting for, but playing Kingmaker isn't his gig.  Getting credit for bringing the players here is much better than picking the winner for today...

   So, the big question is who is Scott voting for?  The answer is...... we have no idea!  Sorry.  We'd guess it would be one of the Gingrich/Santorum/Perry triumvurite, but none is a clear choice.  He hasn't worked with any of them, and we could see reasons for him to not choose all of them.  We don't think it's going to be Mitt Romney or Ron Paul.  The others have no clear favorite, so why back a loser, only to have eventual nominee remember that you DIDN'T back him.  It's a smart move, just like Jim DeMint is doing. 

   See, you can NEVER believe what your Congressman tells you!


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