Sunday, January 29, 2012

Super Bowl Party in Florence !! Andre's Not Buying...

     For those of you who haven't made your Super Bowl plans yet, and live in the Pee Dee, we have a suggestion for you: mix your Football and Politics into one!  How? By coming to Andre Bauer's Super Bowl party in Florence....

      Yes, the former Lt. Gov. and 7th District candidate is hosting a soiree at Alchemy on Dargan Street in Flotown.  The good news is you can watch the game, and meet a candidate. The bad news is ..... wait for it.... it's a cash bar.  With the good, you gotta take the bad.

      We know what your question is: will WE be there?  It appears to be no.  Right know, our Super Bowl is filled with Manning's.  Friday night will be at Moye's hut on the lake, then Saturday, it's off to Summerville to hang with Bobbo.  Sunday, we will find a nice Giants bar in Charleston to watch the game with some old and new friends... It'll fall apart at some point. It always does, but we're not sure where it will deviate from plan. That's always the fun of it..

      So, if you're unsure of what to do Super Bowl Sunday, you know have another option.  Choose wisely!


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