Sunday, January 08, 2012

So Much For Being the Candidate of the Young ...

Hey Kid, Come Back When You're Old Enough to Vote !

    Time for one of those campaign stories you won't hear from most of the 'Hard News' blogs.. We were going to use this as part of a 'True Presidential Candidate Stories' series, but we couldn't wait.  We may work on that other idea anyway... We'll see.

     Ron Paul has a reputation for attracting a ton of young people to the Republican Party.  We're still not sure how much of a Republican he actually is, but since he keeps running as one, we'll take his word for it.  Anyway, Paul may have been an OB/GYN, and he does a great job of getting idealistic, if not realistic, kids to work for his campaign.  However, we got a piece of news that makes us think that Paul has a problem with kids between the time of conception and their 18th birthday - like that time when they ask 'stupid questions'...

    We saw a story on Fox News, where they had a 9-year old kid from New Hampshire, who has been on the road with the candidates for months.  His job? Basically to ask each of them the same question: 'Which superhero do you think best represents you?'.   Yeah, on the surface, it is a dumb question, especially if it were coming from Carl Cameron or David Gregory.  But hey, it's a 9 yr old - superheroes are all he knows.  Does anyone actually expect him to ask about Auditing the Fed or the NLRB??  

    Well, the kid managed to see all the candidates at one point or another, and he did well.  All of the candidates answered his question and thanked him for being involved in the political process. He didn't name a favorite, but he did mention the one he didn't like - Ron Paul.  It turns out Paul ignored him - as the kid said, 'He seemed to be more interested in what the adults were asking' - and went on his way.  

    Our guess is either Paul didn't give a shit, didn't know jack about comic books... or our best thought is that since there is no Superhero whose aim is to End the Fed, Eliminate Income Taxes, become centrist with no world involvement, or return all power to the states, he was unable to choose one.  We'll give him the benefit of the doubt.  Very little benefit.....


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