Sunday, January 15, 2012

On the SC Trail... McDonnell: Just Pick a Gov !!

Virginia Governor Doesn't Pick One Presidential Candidate... He Picks Three !

    We apologize for not giving you more of the South Carolina Primary here this week.  We drove down Friday, and had family business to take care of yesterday.  We'll get out locally today for whatever we can, but tomorrow, it's back on the road up North for a week.  Still, we're trying to give you a story or two that you might not read elsewhere...

   Honestly, the Pee Dee has not been a hotbed of activity for the GOP candidates this week from all accounts.. They're traveling up and down I-26 and 77, but that little run up I-20 or 501 seems past their abilities.  So, sometimes they have their friends do some of the work for them. Last night, Rep. Tim Scott had another forum, with Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell in attendance at Broadway at the Beach.  Thought the cold didn't help the shagging, the politics was plenty hot.  Like many Republicans unwilling to stick their neck out, McDonnell was uncommittal to any candidate... sort of.

   No, he didn't pick one - he picked three.  But at least, there was a clear theory behind it.  McDonnell said either Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman or Rick Perry would be good choices for President. What is the common theme?  They are/were all Governors.  Since states HAVE to balance their budgets annually, no matter what the fiscal climate, they are uniquely qualified to address the budget deficits and make the tough choices needed. Not a bad idea, considering that any Congressman or Senator from the past decade has some level of responsibility for today's fiscal mess..

    We could live with McDonnell's assertion, although we don't think very much of his lack of conviction, but he has a good reason.  McDonnell may be hunting down a VP nomination from the winner, and you could certainly choose worse than him, not to mention the electoral perks.  Virginia governors only serve one term, so McDonnell's gig will end soon anyway. Add to that the Cavalier State's position as a state in play, and he could be a major player.  Barack Obama mentions various states in certain terms, to help his cause. They are usually Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida... and Virginia. 

     Like they say, Governors govern.  Well, most of them.  An outsider could be just what DC needs, but cracking the local club isn't easy.  Still, having some experience would be nice...



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