Monday, January 09, 2012

So, How Long Before She Gets a Record Deal?

Beyonce and Jay-Z's Superbaby Is Finally Here !!!

     Congrats go out to Beyonce and Jay-Z on the birth of their first child this weekend.  They named her Blue Ivy. We're not sure where the Blue came from, but Ivy supposedly is a variation on the Number 4 - 4 in Roman Numerals is 'IV'. It's also a '$' if you accidentally keep the cap lock button on, which we just found out.  Pretty ironic, don't you think?  It turns out both parents were born on the 4th, they were married on the 4th.  There was another example, but we didn't care to remember it.  So, in perfect timing, she was born on..... the 7th.  Oh well, even the super rich and famous don't get everything they want.

     From what we read, Jay-Z has already released a rap song about her, and we have no doubts that there will be a Blue Ivy line of kid's clothes out in the near future.... In a way, as pampered as that kid is going to be, we kinda feel a little sorry for her.  Every paparazzi worldwide will be trying to take pictures of her, and by the time she's 8, they'll be looking for an album from her.  God help if she can't sing or rap like Mommy or Daddy - or both.  

    Somehow, I doubt any of them are worried about any of this.  After all, she's got a nursery that's 400 square ft bigger than my whole house.. You always hope people like these raise their kids to be well-grounded, but that's almost impossible.  Beyonce and Jay-Z aren't normal - and we don't allow them to be, because we put them on pedestals so that they can't even go to a 7-Eleven... Best of Luck, and let us know where to send the gift.  Hey, everyone could use a Wal-Mart gift card....


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