Thursday, March 29, 2012

$500 Million .....

The Chance at a Half-Billion Jackpot Leaves Us Dreaming About What We'd Do With the Loot - Probably Run for Office and Blow It All.

    Yep, there once again wasn't a winner in the latest MegaMillions drawing on Tuesday.. So, with all the extra tickets sold, the jackpot Friday exploded to $500 Million - or roughly 1/31,000th of our National Debt.... We usually will drop a couple bucks when it cracks $100 million, because anything less would just screw up the tax ramifications of our trust fund.. Kidding!

     Of course, playing the lottery is not a sound retirement planning strategy.  The odds of winning is 1 in 176 million!  In comparison, the odds of being President are only 1 in 10 million, which is why Barack Obama chose to run for office instead of buying Powerball tickets... Taking that money and putting it in an interest earning account would be much sounder.  That being said, we'll be off to the Kangaroo to buy a couple tickets anyway.... hey, you can't win it unless you're in it, right?   Someone's gonna win - why not you or I?



Bobby said...

We got two of the six on one ticket, one on the other.

Anonymous said...

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